Expo – Professional Issues

Professional issues mainly arise in the media when being employed by a company and posting inappropriate information online.  Social networking can be incredibly interesting but they have more consequences than known.

Social Networking

While social networking sites such as linked in can enable you to maintain a professional persona of yourself, they can also aid employers in finding your social networking account which are not wanted to be seen, such as Facebook and Twitter.

When hunting for a job, many employers search names on the internet to try and find you on social networking to enable them to gain a better idea of what you are like. Unfortunately, sometimes people forget to enable privacy settings on their accounts to stop people who are not connected with them viewing their information. It does not give a good impression when last weekend’s pictures are seen by your new boss. Everything that is on your private social networking sites can give off a bad reputation about yourself to future employers and unfortunately they can judge you down to what you post online. When creating Expo, I decided not to give personal information about myself and contact details which most people do, as it will enable people to find out information about me which I may not want to be judged for. Information such as your relationship status, the way you speak to people, your tweets about how much you hate someone can all be deemed to hinder on prospective job applications and the employers.


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