Expo – Ethical Issues

Digital media design ethics deals with various ethical and professional problems mainly based around publishing and the norms of digital media news. Digital media news includes blogging, photojournalism, social media and online journalism. Ethics questions the way in which professionals should use this globalisation of media to research, write and publish information and what can be used in an ethical manner towards society.

A revolution in ethics                               

Fundamentally and irrevocably, the media is revolutionising and transform since the enhancement of globalisation and interconnectivity with the ability to now communicate with someone on the other side of the world with a touch of a button. This now means that publishing is in the hands of society and there is not a filter in what can be published, encouraging new forms of journalism that are interactive and immediate. In regard to the graduate project, people are able to create a profile on the expo website and blog and comment on whatever they wish and interactive with people thousands of miles away and there is no filter or controls in place to sensor what is being said and who Is saying what.

The media is evolving at incredible speed meaning that professional journalists share their views on the world with tweeters, bloggers and social media users which can in fact be incredibly dangerous. Ethical issues arise around Expo when users become aggravated and write or share content which is not user friendly or particularly pleasant. The way in which this has been handled is by producing a WordPress website so I can view content which is written on the site and have the ability to delete it with one click so that other users are not offended and complain.

New possibilities are emerging while old practises are threatened as bloggers, video bloggers and upcoming journalists now have the ability to become professionals, shrinking the idea of having a newspaper for all the information you need. The shrink in newsrooms prompts experiments in journalism such as non-profit organisations which provide important information to society, trying to be more powerful that the everyday person in their bedroom on a blogging website.  I am interesting into what extent the existing media ethics is suitable for today’s news media, bearing in mind, original media ethics were in place when only professionals blogged. It is believed that media ethics needs to re-evaluate to apply to situations such as ‘trolling’ and video blogging as well as simple text blogging so that information places on the internet can be verified to some extent so it is not so easy to produce un-ethical work.

By using a WordPress theme for the website, I am able to analyse information that is posted via blogs to rule out violence, sex and offensive images or information. I have also ensured that nothing offensive is used in my designs and the logo is effective and ethical.


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