Expo – Confidentiality & Blogging

Confidentiality & Blogging

When producing a website which includes a blog, it is important to maintain confidentiality with clients and society. Social networks often include important and personal information about someone, including telephone numbers, email addresses which should not be exposed by you as a professional. When someone signs up to Expo, they are required to fill in information about their location and provide an email address for contacting them. I should be aware that I have a lot of responsibility when it comes to this information and I should be careful when emailing people or leaving information left on computers for anyone to see.

When blogging, some clients may confide information about their concerns of personal information which they would not want repeated. It is in Expo’s ethical interest to not expose these people and let them confide in you by not repeating information that they tell you. They may come to you for work advice in which I can give to them, but it would not be in my interest to repeat their concerns to others or make that information visible on the blog.


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